Sprinklers Are Evil

Well, they are!

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This is the most optimistic assessment of Google + I have read in awhile

Twitter? As John Battelle so eloquently put it in 2009, Twitter is a pencil. Yes, it’s a pencil that has grown with more colors. But it’s still largely about sharing things quickly, in the moment. It’s not a multifaceted social network like Facebook (which, I’ll add, I’m glad for. I like Twitter as a pencil).

Until Google+, Facebook had no real competitor. Even if Google+ is a far distant second, that’s far ahead of say where Microsoft is — which is not even in the race (unless you count Xbox, which sometimes should get counted — but it’s a social network of a different sort).

Coming from nowhere to being second, especially when so many pundits thought Google “didn’t get social” is a remarkable achievement. The people at Google+ should feel very proud of what they’ve carved out, of a new community hub they’ve created that people are actively using and calling home. Beyond that, if Facebook really is worth $100 billion, it seems like Google has created great value in being an alternative, if it’s still far behind in usage.